El hada madrina de WhatsApp que tu equipo de atención al cliente se merece

The problem with any startup trying to revolutionize a sector is trying to explain what you do in the simplest possible way. Some of you may have heard of the «mom test» (https://www.momtestbook.com/), and while this theory and exercise is valuable, my mum is unfortunately no longer with us. Therefore, out of necessity, I have adapted this idea into a test that, in my opinion, is even more powerful: the four year-old girl test!

When you work in software, its important to test theories, new features, etc, by talking it through with friends, family etc and often the best products are the ones that just make sense. This is why I always try to run business ideas by those around me. My wife listens dutifully and nods with the occasional difficult question, and my fellow founders live and breathe the same reality as me, so their opinions are likely to reflect my own. However, in my house, the real test of how easy it is to see value in a product that you believe is good enough and simple enough to appeal to the masses is getting my four year-old to understand, and a very skeptical four year old at that.

So here we are, me trying to explain customer support to a four year old and, more importantly, why I think it’s broken and how we can fix it!

Me: «You see, when you want to get something fixed, like daddy’s car, or you need information, like when we looked at houses and you wanted to know how big the garden was, this requires something called customer service. The way it works is you send them an email (she already knows what this is after many hours sat in my office asking “why”) or you call them on the phone, and sometimes they answer, but most of the time you just sit listening to rubbish music.»

My 4-year-old: «Do they not let you listen to Frozen?»

Me: «No, it’s never Frozen. It’s often music that older people like.»

My 4-year-old: «Like your music?»

Me: «Well, I am not really old, but yes, sort of.»

My 4-year-old: «Your music is rubbish, daddy.»

Me: «Anyway, daddy’s new tool lets people use their phone to message companies…»

My 4-year-old: «Like mummy does when she sends pictures to Nanny?»

Me: «Yes, exactly like that, but with daddy’s tool you can message the company anything, and the company will get magic to help them.»

My 4-year-old: «Witch magic or good magic?»

Me: «Good magic! for example, you know people speak different languages?» (My 4-year-old is in an international school, so she already understands people speak Spanish, German, French, etc.)

Me: «Our tool lets them speak every language.»

My 4-year-old: «Can I use it to speak to my friends?»

Me: «Maybe one day. But our tool also knows when people are busy and when they are not and makes sure that there is time in the calendar to help the people that message them.»

My 4-year-old: «Like our tractor calendar?» (We have a tractor calendar because my son loves tractors at the moment.)

Me: «Yes, exactly. The most magic thing, though, is it knows the answer to every question that it gets asked and gives the person using the tool the answer.»

My 4-year-old: «Isn’t that cheating?»

Me: «Well, not really, because those people will already have the answers somewhere. Our tool just finds the answer very quickly and helps the person send it back to people like us who just want to get some help.»

My 4-year-old: «That’s good. Can I have an ice cream?»

Me: After dinner: «So, what do you think? Does it make sense?»

My 4-year-old: «Yes, it sounds like the magic in Cinderella where they make the dresses. They are doing the work, but using magic to make the dress quicker!»

Me: «That is a great example, thanks.»

My 4-year-old: «Can I have an ice cream now then?»

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