Give WhatsApp the customer service features you wish it had.

Easily manage customer service conversations through the channel your customers know and love, with Polser.

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Your customers love talking to you on WhatsApp, but managing all of your customer conversations is overwhelming and time-consuming.

Make managing customer service on WhatsApp 10 times easier.

Custom response prompts for FAQs, personalized to the conversation.

The Smart Sidebar and our Instant Answers suggests responses (including text, images, videos, or other files) based on the context of the conversation and on how you’ve answered questions in the past — so you don’t have to keep typing the same response over and over.

Easy appointment scheduling and automatic reminders

Instead of jumping back and forth between your calendar and WhatsApp, Polser will automatically surface slots based on your availability, let you share open times in your conversation threads, and automatically remind your customers of upcoming appointments, drastically increasing show rates.

Communicate in all your customer's languages.

If someone sends you a message in any language, Polser willl automatically translate their message and your messages back to them — no more copying and pasting from Google Translate.

Send personalized voice messages, without having to speak.

With Polser Voice, you can type out a response and have it sent as a voice note, using one of the pre-built voices or a clone of your own voice — allowing you to have the personal touch with your customers, at scale.

Personalization at Scale

Automatic transcription

When a customer sends you a voice message, Polser transcribes it so you can quickly read through it.

Automatic replies

Let your customers know when you’ll get back to them or share answers to FAQs by setting up pre-built responses.

Surface answers from documentation

Polser finds answers instantly. Whether its in manuals, websites or your documents, Polser saves countless hours of searching and frustration. 

Appointment reminders in WhatsApp

Customers who have booked with you get appointment reminders, which increases show rates.


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Easily manage customer service conversations through the channel your customers know and love, with Polser.

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